Having the right diamond blade is as crucial as finding the right equipment in constructing houses, pavements, buildings, and other infrastructures. There are a lot of different types of diamond blades available in the market right now. To help you decide which diamond blade is right for you, here are some tips you need to know.
1. Masonry blades – Masonry diamond blades are perfect for cutting all masonry-built infrastructures. Masonry diamond blades cut through bricks, blocks, concrete, pavers, granite, marble, and fieldstones. Masonry is one of the most durable forms of construction with its impressive strength and dependability. Hard, tough, and abrasive, masonry needs to have the right diamond blade to cut through it. For the most professional masonry diamond blades, blades should be embedded with a high level of diamond concentration for powerful cutting actions. Additionally, blades should be laser-segmented for it to cool faster while maintaining a fast-cutting speed.

2. Ductile Iron Blades – ductile iron blades are diamond blades intended for ductile iron pipe, cast iron pipe, steel pipe, ridged concrete pipe, rebars, concrete and cured concrete. These diamond blades can be used dry or wet and are a perfect match to masonry saws and hand held high speed saws.
3. Glass Tile Blades – Super sharp glass blades are ideal for cutting glass/mosaic tiles and other similar materials. They are used for wet cutting methods only and are ideal with wet tile saws. Glass tile diamond blades can also be used for circular saws. To prevent chipped edges, cut halfway through the width of the glass or mosaic tiles on one side, turn it over and cut the rest of the glass or mosaic tile.
Other diamond blades available are asphalt/green concrete diamond blades, fire rescue/demolition diamond blades, block blades, and crack chaser diamond blades. For more information, contact your local diamond blades manufacturer and supplier to help you decide which diamond blade is best for you.
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