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Most of us are guilty of buying stuff online. It’s convenient and is easier than having to go out and look for the thing you want to purchase such as new diamond blades. With this in mind, we decided to create this blog post to help you determine the authenticity of the new diamond blades you just bought.

Let’s check them out:

Inspect the teeth profile.

The diamond’s blade teeth can say a lot about its quality, so make sure to inspect the blade’s teeth profile before buying it. The quality and its grid straightness will affect the quality of its cut. It can also affect the blade’s speed. Keep in mind as well that if you’re looking for a diamond blade to use in a robust application, always select those with carbide teeth.

Look for the CSDA code.

The CSDA code is a label all authentic diamond blade has. It’s the code that tells whether the blade is for wet-cutting or dry-cutting. This code is composed of three-letter code which is separated by dashes and is imprinted in the blade. The code also tells you which kind of materials your blade can cut.

Thump the blade.

Another way to check the authenticity of the diamond blade is by suspending it through its hole then thump it with your finger. If the blade emits a small ring sound, then it is authentic. If you heard a loud ring, then that means the blade you have is of low quality.

There should be an RPM indication.

Each diamond blade that is manufactured should include a specific RPM or rotation per minute indication in its label. You should find this printed in the box or package, or either in the label sticker of your diamond blade.


Following these steps will help you identify if the blade you just bought is authentic or of high quality. For more tips and information about diamond blades, then make sure to subscribe to our blog.

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