Bridges play a very important role in a country’s economy.  It helps boost growth and improve lifestyle.  In US alone, there are already half a million bridges that are being utilized everyday to cross valleys, rivers, and other obstacles.  Bridges are considered architectural wonders and feats of human endeavor.  It also plays a very important role in a city or state’s symbolic, historic, and cultural heritage.  Building a bridge takes time and too much effort.  Building it will entail a lot of manpower, high quality equipment, machinery, and durable tools like diamond saw blades and diamond core bit.  Bridges mean big investments.
Bridges that were built during the 1800s and early 19th century are still seen up until today.  Some have survived the test of time and nature but many have been destroyed already.  Most of these bridges have been built with bricks, timbers or stones, making it more fragile to unforeseen acts of nature.

Today, building bridges is totally different from how they built one before.  Structural engineers and architects are now more sophisticated.  Builders are considering natural factors such as earthquakes and strong winds.  It will take a lot of planning and studying to build one. 

Futuristic studies show that bridges in the near future will not only serve as a singular structure used for crossing obstacles, but it will also serve as a significant part of the city.  With this in mind, the construction industry shall also be developed to keep up with the changing times.  Equipment, machinery, construction tools and diamond tools should also evolve.
No matter how great you are or how great your community is, if you cannot go to the other side, you’ll just remain great.  You can never be greater.  People will not even see your greatness.   Bridges will take you to the future!

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