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So you’ve bought your woodworking tools, a new diamond blade, and saw equipment but have no idea how to start with a project. Why not check some videos on Youtube first? There are several channels in Youtube dedicated to woodworking. This week, we listed down a few of the most popular:

WOOD Presents!

WOOD Presents is one of the most popular Youtube channels that show a variety of amazing woodworking projects. This channel also features woodworking plans, projects, and ideas. It also teaches about the basic and advanced tools used in woodworking as well as techniques and skills. But aside from those things, it is most popular for its videos on how to build epoxy-resin and river coffee tables.

Woodworking Tools

Woodworking for Mere Mortals is a Youtube Channel created by Steve Ramsay from Marin County, California. His videos feature some fresh and fun projects from toys and board games to organizers and drawers. Steve consistently uploads new woodworking videos and projects every Friday.

Frank Howarth

Frank Howarth is an architect who took woodworking as a serious hobby and decided to share his works with the world. He created his own Youtube Channel after his name and uploaded videos that show his love and passion for architecture.

Make Something

Make Something is a great place for people who are looking for ways to make money using their woodworking skills. The channel features videos of woodworking projects perfect for beginners and advanced woodworkers. Its creator, David Piccuito even encourages his subscribers to use his woodworking projects for selling as long as they will credit him for its design.

I Like to Make Stuff

I Like to Make Stuff is the perfect channel for beginners who want to learn and master the art of woodworking. It features a show called Maker 101 which goes into the necessary things you need to learn about woodworking. Aside from woodwork, it also has videos about electronics, metalworking, 3D printing, and prop making.

Woodwork Web

Woodwork Web is a great interactive resource for all woodworkers. This channel provides tips, tools, and step-by-step videos for doing your woodworking projects. It also has woodworking hacks which are useful especially for those who are just beginning to find woodworking as a hobby.

Fine Wood Working

Fine Wood Working is a Youtube channel created by the editors of the Fine Woodworking magazine. This channel helps and guides hobbyist through their first DIY woodworking project. It has a variety of different instructors doing projects in different locations, giving their viewers a fresh feel every time.

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