Concrete slab with cracks.

You can do many wonderful projects with the right application of concrete. It can give you and your workers a sense of satisfaction to view the finished product of your hard work. However, it’s going to take the right process and application to ensure that you use tools like your diamond blade saw and other equipment with concrete.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to use concrete more effectively in your projects, here are few some tips that you should be considering:

Use Additives

If you’re doing simple projects, you can still use the standard mix without adding anything. If you’re doing a large project, then it might be time to consider adding a plasticizer. This will allow the concrete to flow into your mold easier and ensure that the mold is filled out completely.

Practice Pouring

Wet concrete in wooden molds.

Getting the right texture for the mix is one of the factors that affect the success of your project. Practice your mixing and make sure that the consistency of the mix should not be too dry or too runny, both of which can cause cracking or voids once you start applying the concrete.

Be Creative

For your home décor, concrete can be a viable choice especially if you’re planning to build a new wall. While still soft, you can put materials like rocks, coins, broken tiles, pieces of glass, or other decorative elements that you can think of into the concrete.

Consider a Good Finish

Concrete molds ready to be filled.

With the right mix, texture, and the design that you want, all you need is the right finish to complete the look. Try dyes, certain acid stains, and stamping which can create a finish that you’d be comfortable with. Consider using your sander too for a smoother finish or try your polishing with an orbital sander.

So if you’re planning a project with concrete, consider these tips and techniques so you can maximize the use of the material. Together with the right equipment, you can have more beautiful and successful projects. For more information on using concrete, other construction materials, or proper use of construction equipment, check out!


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