Easy Woodworking Projects

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One of the best things about starting a hobby in woodworking is that it allows you to create stuff that you can use at home. And if you happen to be looking for projects to practice your craft, you’ve landed on the right article. We listed down these five woodworking projects you can quickly start with:

Wooden Bench

Wooden Beach

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A simple wooden bench is one of the easiest projects you could start working on as a beginner. It doesn’t require many intricate details as long as the design you have in mind is simple. One can be able to construct it within a couple of hours, needing only two or three boards, a hammer, and several screws. There are also several tutorials online and on Youtube that could follow to create your own bench with ease.

Small Shoe Rack

Small Shoe Rack

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A small shoe rack is a great addition to every home. It is not only useful but can also be used to decorate your closet room while keeping your shoes in place. Besides, you don’t need to start with a large one, a shoe rack with two rows is enough for an easy woodwork project. It might take you a day to complete it if you’re new, but it only cost $20 and effort that makes it worthwhile.

Small Garden Table

Small Garden Table

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Why spend some money on your garden table when you can do it yourself. Why not start with a 2×4 outdoor table, a simple and inexpensive project a beginner could manage to do in a day. All you need are three 8’ 2×4 boards, table saw, diamond blade, clamps, wood glue, wood filler, palm sander, cordless drill and a Kreg jig. Here a blog post about the 2×4 outdoor table that you can follow from Small Home Soul, a blog that specializes in DIY projects.

Step Stool

Step Stool

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A step stool is something usual that one could find in every home. It is very useful especially in storage rooms or the attics when placing or taking heavy things from high cabinets. Aside from that, you can alternatively use step stools as a decoration to add to your garden and use it as plant stands. It also makes a great chair for small children or something you can add to their room as a place their books or favorite stuff toy.

Dog House

Dog House

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A dog house is probably one of the most popular woodworking projects there is. And besides, what better way to show your love for your dog other than building his or her own home. All you need is 3/4-inch plywood since wood is a natural insulator, it keeps the doghouse cool during summer and warm during winter. Plus, there are several doghouse designs you can pick which comes with how-tos and guides on building them.

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