A core drill at work on metal.

Another piece of equipment that is necessary for your DIY and other construction projects is a diamond core drill. When you need quality cuts, a diamond blade will always deliver. But when you need to drill a hole, it’s time that you bring out your diamond core bit which can bore holes into tougher materials. With smaller diamond drill bits, you can also drill into jewelry.

Given the need for this equipment for drilling into hard materials like concrete, there are a few considerations to make. Here’s what you need to take note of when you’re drilling into concrete:

Use the Right Amount of Water

Water being applied onto drilling.

Using water helps the diamonds grind into the material by mixing with dust and debris. Water keeps the drill cool and creates a slurry that helps keep the diamonds exposed to the material as you drill.  

Using too little water will not yield this slurry and diamonds may not be grinding into the material effectively. This can lead to the diamonds wearing out too soon. On the other hand, the diamonds won’t be exposed enough to grind material with too much water. To use the right amount, make sure that you keep applying water until the slurry becomes the color of creamed coffee.

Have a Proper Anchor

Having the right anchor ensures that the drill remains upright. You should only use anchors that are rated for core drilling which offer the optimum stability needed. Most anchors have a ceiling jack that allows you to set the drill to an overhead area.

Set the Drill to Appropriate Speeds

Setting the motor to the right speeds could be the difference between efficient grinding and simply glazing the diamonds. Take note that the smaller the core bit you’re using, the faster the speed of the motor. Conversely, larger core bits should run at lower speeds.

Select a Drill with Sufficient Power OutputDrill bits aligned in a row.

Having sufficient power output is necessary to maintain the right drill speed. Make sure that you use an amp meter to determine if the motor is running at the required power to perform. Never run it above its recommend amperage because this will result in the motor overheating and the drill bit wearing out too soon.

With this information, you can maximize the use of your diamond core bits in the various projects you may do at the home or a construction site. For more information about this piece of equipment or if you’re looking to buy diamond core bits for your toolkit, check out GilaTools.com!

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