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What are diamond blades? What can they do? These are questions we usually encounter on Q&A websites. With this in mind, we decided to finally clarify some things to help people learn more about these blades. So without further ado, we are listing down 10 of the most commonly asked questions about diamond blades and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diamond Blades

What is a diamond blade?

A diamond blade is a tool used in saw equipment which is made from high-quality metal with synthetic diamonds in its edge that allows it to cut abrasive materials.

Do diamond blades have real diamonds?

Diamond blades don’t use real diamonds but only synthetic ones. These synthetic diamonds have the same crystal structure, making them almost as hard as the real ones. However, real diamonds are slightly harder.

Where can you use diamond blades?

Diamond blades are used in saw equipment. It can be used to cut several things such as stone, asphalt, brick, tiles, glass, and ceramics. It can also be used in cutting conductors and gemstones if you’re using a hand-held saw.

What are the types of diamond blades?

There are three types of diamond blades in the market today, such as continuous rim blade, turbo rim blade, and segmented rim blade. Each of these blades is used in different kinds of materials. You can check out this article for more details.

What is the range of materials you can cut with diamond blades?

From concrete, asphalt, brick, to tile and glass, diamond blades can be used in a wide range of materials. But you need to know which type of diamond blade you should use for the job.

Can you sharpen diamond blades?

Diamond blades lose their sharpness over time especially if they are usually used. However, the good thing is that one can sharpen the blades so that you can use them again. You can follow these easy steps in sharpening a diamond blade.

What is the difference between a wet blade and a dry blade?

Wet blades refer to diamond blades used in wet-cutting which is a process used in cutting harder materials such as concrete, and requires water as a coolant to avoid the saw equipment from overheating. Dry blades are used for dry cutting such as in cutting wood.

What makes a good diamond blade?

A good diamond blade is made of quality material and is able to deliver smooth cutting when used.

What’s the best diamond blade?

Many diamond blades on the market will claim they are the best, but to find the right product, learn from their previous customers. Search product reviews before buying from the retailer shop.

Where can you buy a quality diamond blade?

Like it was stated earlier, several companies sell diamond blades, but to make sure you are buying a quality one, check their reviews. Look at their review page and social media channels, and check what their previous customers have to say about them.

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