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Woodworking is an intricate but satisfying hobby, allowing one to create something useful out of wood. From wood carving to cabinet making, it offers various projects you can try. And if you’re one of the many who wants to start with this hobby, then you might want to first get your hands on the basic equipment used in woodworking.

Here are 10 basic woodwork tools that every beginner should know:

Circular saw

This is the power saw that is one of the primary tools in wood cutting. It uses a toothed or abrasive disc blade called diamond blade to cut different materials in a rotary motion spinning around its arbor. This equipment isn’t only used in wood but also in masonry, plastic, and metal.


Jigsaw is another sawing tool which is used in cutting curves. There is also a type of jigsaw known as the coping saw which is mostly used for detailed woodwork.

Hand saw

Hand saw, also known as panel saws, are used to cut wood in different shapes. It is usually used when the carpenter wants to join pieces of wood together or when carving a wooden object. It is a bit like the tenon saw but only features one flat, sharp edge.

Power drill

A power drill is an electrical motor which rotates a replaceable drill bit to make a hole in wood, plastic, or metal. This is commonly used when the carpenter intents to put screws to piece together his work.

Chisel and wooden mallet

These two tools are used for chiseling, the process of engraving or carving a material mainly a plank of wood. Chiseling involves forcing the blade into the material to cut it by pushing your hand or using the mallet. A gouge is a type of chisel that is mainly used in woodworking to small carve pieces.

Combination square and tape measure

These two are vital measurement tools in any woodworking projects. There’s no explanation needed why these are essential in every woodworking environment especially in detailed projects.

Hammer and screwdrivers

When working with woods especially in large projects, screwdrivers and hammer is a must. These two are the tools you can use to install those nails and screws on your wood project to keep everything together.

A workbench

To make work much more manageable, you might want to invest in a workbench. Woodworking workbenches are usually made from solid wood and have integral clamping mechanisms to help you with your work.

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