How to Prevent Saw Kickbacks

Kickbacks can be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries. That’s why, as much as possible, it's important to do all preventive measures to avoid them from happening. So for today’s article, we listed down these measures you should follow to prevent any kickback from happening while you're doing a cutting project. Inspect the blade [...]

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Circular Saw Tips

Most of us are guilty of buying stuff online. It’s convenient and is easier than having to go out and look for the thing you want to purchase such as new diamond blades. With this in mind, we decided to create this blog post to help you determine the authenticity of the new diamond blades [...]

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Let’s take a break from all the diamond blade tips and cutting techniques. Why? Well, it’s time to appreciate the art of wood making and the effort it takes to finish one project. If you happen to be looking for inspirations and designs, we’re here today with a list of the best woodworking shop on [...]

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Worn Out Blade

Is your diamond blade not working like it used to? If yes, then perhaps it has already worn-out. However, if you’re not sure that’s the case, then you can check these signs to be sure that your diamond blade needs to be replaced. Here are signs you need to look out for to replace your [...]

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how to sharpen a tile blade

Are you looking for new diamond blades for your saw machine? If yes, then take a moment to read our article -- we'll help you learn the factors you need to consider before purchasing a new blade in the market today. Here are seven things you should check when buying new diamond blades: Blade Type [...]

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DIamond blade

    Compared to other saw blades in the market, diamond blades are likely pricier due to the reason that they use synthetic diamonds. That’s why as much as possible, users strive to extend the life of their diamond blades. That’s why for today, we’re giving useful tips on how you can do that. Let’s [...]

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Worn Out Blade

New to using circular blades? Let us help you. Today, we’re listing down some helpful tips on using these tools. So grab a pen and paper, and make sure to take down some notes. Here are six safety tips you should remember when using circular blades: Make sure to inspect the blade's teeth. Before starting, [...]

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dry cutting diamond blades

    Dry cutting is one of the two cutting methods. The method is more commonly used for DIY projects. For today, we’re listing down eight things you shouldn’t do when dry-cutting: Never attempt to use a diamond blade not intended for dry-cutting. Although there are wet-cutting blades that can be used for dry-cutting, not [...]

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Are you new to woodworking or DIY construction, and are having a hard time choosing the right diamond blade for your next project? Don't fret; we at GilaTools will help you with your dilemma. Below is a list of key tips that can help you choose the right diamond blade for your cutting job. How [...]

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diamond saw blade

Dry-cutting is one of the two types of cutting jobs in the construction field, with wet-cutting being the other. It was given the term because it doesn’t require a coolant aid like water when cutting materials, unlike its counterpart. Dry-cutting is used in many jobs, from cutting concrete, asphalt, or wood. So for today, we [...]

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