Crosscut Saw Blades

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Quick Overview

  • Blade Type:  Carbide Tipped

  • Grind: ATB (Alternate Top Bevel)

  • Application: General cut off and trimming of Softwoods, Hardwoods, Plywood and Hardboard.

  • Tool Type: Circular Saws, Miter Saws, Chop Saws, Table Saws and Radial Arm Saws.

Crosscut Saw Blades

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Item Number Diameter Teeth Kerf Arbor Price Qty
1006500T40 6-1/2" 40 2.0 5/8in



1007250T40 7-1/4" 40 2.2 DM5/8in



1008250T60 8-1/4" 60 2.2 DM5/8in



1001000T60 10" 60 2.6 5/8in



1001000T80 10" 80 2.6 5/8in



1001200T60 12" 60 3.0 1in



1001200T80 12" 80 3.0 1in



1001400T60 14" 60 3.0 1in



1001400T80 14" 80 3.0 1in





Gila Tools Crosscut blades are suitable for use on table saws, radial arm saws, and miter saws of all types. The blades leaves a high-quality smooth finish when cutting hard or soft wood. Coating on the blade prevents rust and reduces friction.

Gila Tools Ripping Blades are ideal for general construction applications, including ripping and crosscutting, cutting hardwood, softwood plywood and more.



  • Sharpened teeth for fast smoother cuts and longer life
  • Coating on the blade prevents rust and reduces friction
  • Hard steel plates for blade stability



Gila Diamond Products Warranty pertaining to all Diamond Cutting Tools and Carbide Blades


All Gila Diamond Products are engineered and manufactured to the highest of standards. Your satisfaction is a dominant consideration.  All Gila Diamond Products are warranted to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship, provided that the tools are properly maintained and there is no evidence of abuse or misuse.


  • In the event of failure or malfunction, return the product, properly packaged and postage prepaid, to Gila Diamond Products. You may also contact Gila Diamond Products at (888) 850-0889 for instructions on returns and technical advice.

  • Gila Diamond Products assumes no liability for defects or damage caused by abuse or misuse of any product or unauthorized service of any product. The product must have been used for its recommended purpose and not modified by sharpening or other changes. Normal wear and tear is not covered under Gila Diamond Products warranties.


  • Diameter:  6-1/2",7-1/2", 8-1/2", 10", 12", 14"
  • Machine Use:  Circular Saws, Miter Saws, Chop Saws, Table Saws and Radial Arm Saws.
  • Application:  Softwoods, Hardwoods, Plywood and more
  • Grind Type:  ATB
  • Teeth: 60, 80
  • Arbor:  DM5/8",  5/8",  1"
  • Kerf:  2.2, 2.6, 3.0,





Works with the following Manufacturer Models:

Bosch: CS5, CS10, 4100, 4100-09, 4100DG-09, GTS1031, GCM12SD, 4310, 4405, 3912, 5312, CM12

Makita: 5007FA, 5007F, 5477NB, 5008MGA, 5377MG, 5007MGA, 5740NB, BSS501, BSS610, 2705, LS1216L , LS1016L, LS1016, LS0714, LS1040F, LS1221, LS1040

Dewalt: DCS373M2, DWE575SB, DWE575, DWS535, DWS535T, DW364, DW378GT, DW367, DW384, DCS391L1, DCS390L, DC300K, DC390K, DW745, DW744X, DWS780, DW716, DW717, DW713, DW715, DW718, DW712

Milwaukee: 2630-22, 6390-21, 6391-21, 6470-21, 0730-22, 6477-20, 6390-20, 6577-20, 6955-20, 6950-21

Porter Cable: PC18CSL, PC13CSL, PC15CSLK, PC15TCSMK, PCB220TS, PCB270TS, PC136MS, PCB120MS

Ridgid: R3202, R3203, R3210, R3400, R865N, R4510, R4512, R4110, MS255SR, R4120, MS1290LZA

Ryobi: RTS10, RTS20, RTS30, P551, TS1141L, TSS101L

Skil: MAG77-75, 5995, 5680-02, 5480, SHD77M, SHD77-72, SHD77, HD5860, HD5687M-01, HD5687-01, 5780-01, 5680-01, 5580, 5480-01, 3410, 3310, 3316, 3820


Craftsman: 11585, 11578, 21237, M2500RC3, 1725CMSW, SM3055RC, 21226, 10CMSPW, 825CMSMPCRAFT, 21201, 21235, 21205, 21807, 21833, 34972, 28463, 28461, 21829, 21828, 22116, 22010


Rockwell: RK3434, RK7241S


Metabo: 6.02268.42, 6.02268.85, 601119520, US606448800, 602050420


Hitachi: C18DL, C18DLP4, C18DSLP4, C7SB2, C7BMR, C7ST, C10FCE2, C10FCH2, C10FSB, C10FSH, C12FCH, C12FDH, C12LCH, C12LDH, C12LSH, C12RSH


Panasonic: EY4542LR2M


Black and Decker: CS1014, CS1015 

Originalsaw: 3512-01, 3512-03, 3531-01, 3536-01, 3531-03


Marvco: 43149, 45349, 43145, 45345


Scheppach: 36K010


Delta: RS830, 36-L336, 36-L352, 36-L552, 36-L552LVC


Powermatic:  1720305K, 1791229K, 1791230K, 1792000K, 1792001K, 1792002K, 1792003K, 1792005K, 1792006K, 1792007K, 1792008K, 1792010K, 1792011K, 1792012K, 1792013K, SLR12


Jet: 708675PK, 708674PK, 708677PK, 708676PK, 708679PK, 708678PK, 708492K, 708493K, 708494K, 708495K, 707110, 707120, 707100 

Sawstop:  PCS31230-PF30, PCS31230-TGP252, PCS175-TGP252, PCS31230-TGP236, PCS175-TGP236, PCS175-PFA30, CNS175-TGP36, CNS175-SFA30, CNS175-TGP52


Grizzly: G0713, G0661, G1023RL, G1023RLW, G1023RLX, G0691, G0690, G1023RLWX, G0652, G0623X3, G0651, G0715P, G0623X, G0623X, G0700, G0696X, G0697X, G0606X1, G0605X1, G0699, G0588, G0674, G0493, G0501, G0502, G0732, G0524


Steel City: 35637, 35990C, 35990G, 35960, 35965GR, 35965, 35960GR, 35970, 35970GR, 35975, 35975GR, 35990CS, 35975G, 35950G, 35990CG, 35950, 35926, 35955, 35955G