A concrete saw is a power tool that construction industries have used all year long for various projects, big or small. A concrete saw helps to accomplish difficult tasks, whether it’s cutting out sections of asphalt or slicing through concrete. With a rate of 2,000rpms/day, it is easy to see how a concrete saw’s quality can easily deteriorate. Operated year round, concrete saws need some special care for it to run smoothly for the entire year. Here are some maintenance tips you can do to extend the life of your concrete saw.

1. Lubrication is love. Operators are advised to lubricate or oil concrete saws regularly to keep them in top condition. The blade shaft bearings need to be greased after each working day, particularly if the concrete saw is still warm after a hard day’s work. Two pumps of grease per bearing are enough because over lubrication may blow out the bearing seal, damaging the bearing.

2. Blade shaft belts should always have the right amount of proper tension. To do this, switch the concrete saw on and run it for an hour or so; quickly retightening the belts and make sure that the belts are not too tight nor stretched to the limit. If you hear a squealing sound, it simply means that the belt needs to be tensioned immediately to avoid further damage produced by the sheave. If unchecked, this will also cause damage to the diamond blades, shortening the life and blade rpm.

3. Engine air filters should be routinely cleaned, specifically after each working day, as particles can enter a concrete saw’s bearings even if the saw was operated through wet sawing. Additionally, sufficient water is needed for a concrete saw to operate smoothly. This will prevent overheating, allowing the concrete saw to produce accurate cuts and to achieve a longer operational life.

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