Creating a perfect circle can be quite a challenge for certain construction projects. While spear-point tools have helped achieved that goal in the past, these tools can no longer be used for newer types of materials as they do not have the ability to penetrate through concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and other hard surfaces with harder aggregate materials.


Drill bits are cutting tools that create cylindrical, precision cut holes. Held in place by a drill, drill bits are rotated with torque and axial force to create a hole. Diamond core bits are the latest technology in drill bits, more superior and powerful, being able to cut through thick applications of concrete, cured concrete, masonry, stones, tiles, and the like. Drill bits with diamonds can deliver extremely fast cutting actions over a long period of time. Laser welded, diamond core bit can stand extreme heat and cutting pressure. A high diamond concentration guarantees superior cutting performance, enhanced productivity, and longevity.

Concrete core bits are appropriate for both wet and dry drilling. Wet concrete core bits are used for wet drilling on cured concrete with soft to hard aggregate and light to medium steel reinforcing. Dry masonry core bits, on the other hand, are used to drill a variety of soft brick and concrete block. Concrete core bits are also available in a variety of sizes and diameters.

Stone/Tile core bits ensure a smooth, precise, and clean cut on granite, marble, porcelain, artificial and natural stone, ceramic, and the like. Used with either an angle grinder or waterfed polisher, stone core bits are used for wet drilling only. Accessories available for drill bits are adapters, drilling guides, extension shafts, and drilling guide kits., an online supplier of quality diamond blades and diamond tools, offers a wide selection of diamond core bits for the construction industry.

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