Bathroom vanity, that is.


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If a living room has a center table, a bathroom can have a vanity that could well play as its showpiece. For starters, a bathroom vanity is a combination of sink and storage. Think of it as a bathroom cabinetry that usually includes a mirror. After all, the mirror is perhaps what gives it the name.

But aside from its self-admiration-inducing capabilities and the fact that it holds the sink in place and provides storage, there is another purpose of the vanity. It actually conceals the plumbing underneath as you surely don’t want it to be seen readily. Bathroom vanities can be made from a variety of materials that are water-proof or water-resistant, given the nature of the room.

When buying a bathroom vanity, you will see that the selection is wide enough for your taste and preference. They come in different sizes and designs. There are the conventional ones and some that are more decorative. It all depends on your taste and of course, the current design of your bathroom. One thing that is gaining popularity is double vanities. With such, there are two sinks attached to one unit so two people can use at the same time.


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If you are a little adventurous, you will probably consider the flexibility of a bathroom vanity when it comes to designs. Perhaps you will be looking for one that can adapt to your ever-changing taste, so at times you may find yourself using a diamond blade or a diamond core bit for some repair or restoration.

As it is also used for storage, you want a bathroom vanity that is big enough to keep your toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, and other things that need to be within reach when you’re doing your time in the bathroom.





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