Be SAFE.  Safety signs play an important role in our lives since these signs guide us where to go and where not to go.  It reminds us what to wear in a particular place and what not to do in a specific area.
Some would say that safety signs are mostly related to legal requirements rather than serving its main purpose, which is to keep people in the construction sites safe and secured.  But whether it’s for safety or legal purposes, bottom-line is we need to protect the workers and put more value in their welfare. 
SAFETY is the MAIN thing.  But let us try to look at more specific reasons why we need to have these signs posted everywhere. 

Here are the reasons of having safety signs around construction sites:

1.    Conveying A Message – These signs convey a message of where people should go and not go.  They are posted to prevent incidents, which may lead to accidents.  It will remind you of the things that sometimes you tend to forget.

2.    Awareness – Safety signs make you more attentive.  Aside from conveying the message that there is a possible danger in that particular area, it will make you familiar with that specific area and tell you subconsciously about the possible consequences when you go beyond those signs or if you don’t follow such warnings. 

3.    Information – Signs posted will also inform the public of what is happening and what is inside the construction site.  Construction companies are also responsible for the welfare not only of their workers but also of the surrounding community.  It will also inform them of what hazardous materials are inside the work area and warn them of what can happen.
Safety signs should be clear and visible at all times.  It should be easily understood and recognized by all workers inside the workplace.
Safety in handling tools should also be prioritized and recognized.  Having the right tools for the work should be prioritized.  Having a high quality diamond core bit in drilling holes is a good start.
Whether you are an employer or an employee, safety should be your top priority.  Be SAFE.
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