Hard landscaping is the prominent use of hard materials to enclose a particular area, create a link between structures, or simply define spaces, among many other things. In essence, it gives character to the space surrounding the buildings.

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In cutting hard materials, the diamond blade is your tool. Use it to make hard landscaping features such as driveways, patios, walls, fences, etc. Soft landscaping, on the other hand, is the fitting of natural materials like shrubs, lawn, and hedgerow mainly for ornamental purposes.

It’s interesting that the importance of hard landscaping isn’t as pronounced as soft landscaping when it’s the former that provides the foundation for the latter. In the absence of hard landscaping, you are only making open spaces that fall short on character.

Aside from the ones already mentioned, here are some other functions of hard landscaping:

–         Integrates every home with the entire neighborhood

–         Allows/hinders foot and vehicular traffic

–         Provides a sense of security

–         Assists PWDs

–         Essentially makes urban planning more exciting

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When deciding between hard and soft landscaping, keep in mind that one may or may not work in a particular setting. For example, unless an urban villa strives to exude a rustic appeal, the hedgerow may not fit in. Also, learn about your local regulations regarding landscaping. There are cities that prohibit or do not encourage hard landscaping because it may have adverse effects on the drainage system. But there are local governments, like the City of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), that allow complete hard landscaping, meaning there is an absence of any vegetative material in residential yards.

Hard landscaping is vital in shaping up a new development. After all, it is completed first before soft landscaping is fitted in. In one of the future articles we’ll show you how it can help enhance your garden’s appeal.


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