When it comes to the performance of diamond blades and drill bits, it is not just enough to have a good machine. One must fully understand the nature of diamond blades in order to maximize its use in the construction field. There are several types of diamond blades and diamond core bit and it is up to the operator to determine which one is suited for the job at hand. Here are some important notes when it comes to handling diamond blades..

1. Diamond blades are tensioned according to a recommended RPM. Diamond blade manufacturers use tensioning so that diamond blades will not distort when used at high speeds. Thus, when a diamond blade is not set to its designed tension, it may skid during cutting.

2. To fully maximize the power of diamond blades and drill bits, optimal pressure must be applied. The right amount of pressure is necessary to ensure sharp cutting crystals.

3. Understanding how a diamond blade works will also help you solve some basic malfunctions. For example, operators should not exert unnecessary pressure by pushing, twisting or jamming. These can cause the metal to distort. It is also important to ensure sufficient water is applied to the diamond blade to avoid overheating and loss of tension. Proper alignment and knowledge of which blade and what size is suited for a particular cutting application are also important.

4. Diamond blades are heavy duty industrial tools but they should be used with care. It is advisable to cut for short periods and take shallow cuts to avoid overheating. Cutting of curves is also ill advised.

When it comes to diamond blades and drill bits, a good place to start is a reputable manufacturer. Check out GilaTools.com for more information.

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