In a previous blog post we showed you a couple problems commonly encountered when using a diamond core bit and how to deal with them. As promised, below are a few more, including ways to troubleshoot.

Keep in mind that the diamond core bit, as with any tool, should be handled with utmost care, taking into consideration your safety and those around you.

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 Too much wear on the segments. If there is excessive wear on the diamond segments, water flow is likely insufficient. While sludge hones the diamond, it also wears them out. For this, all you need to do is increase the water flow. Same goes when the speed of rotation isn’t adequate – just increase the speed of rotation.

If there is too much play on the drill, it will cause unnecessary vibrations, ultimately affecting the segments. When this happens, check on the drill settings. Adjust or repair if need be. If you experience above normal motor power, adjust the speed of the motor so it matches the diameter of the bit.

Wear/cracks on the barrel. An insufficient water flow likewise puts stress on the barrel so increasing irrigation should prevent cracks and excessive wear.

Again, check the play on the drill and do as you should if there is excessive and unnecessary vibration. Make sure the anchoring is correct and that the bit is devoid of loose parts.

Jam in the core bit. Loose parts not only make cracks in the barrel, they also cause the bit to jam. With an eye on not putting any harm on the segments, remove the loose parts to enable it to run smoothly again. Also check if the segments still have clearance. If they have lost clearance and there is inadequate play, you may need to replace the core bit.

The need for water as coolant can never be overstated. A jam in the core bit may also be caused by insufficient water flow so be sure you have this covered.

The diamond core bit is a very important tool and the proper use of it is just as essential. Nothing wrong hiring a skilled worker if you feel you can’t do the job by yourself.


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