A thorough understanding of the tool you have on your hand is paramount. Truly, being cautious is never enough.

In one of the past blog posts, we shared with you tips on how to recognize and resolve problems concerning the use of diamond blades. For this one we will tackle troubleshooting for another well-used tool – the diamond core bit.

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Photo credit: snell-pym.org.uk

Core bit won’t cut. There are varied reasons why the bit isn’t able to cut. For one, the material being cut could be too rigid for the diamond specification, so it needs to be matched to the material. If the bit is glazed, all you need to do is re-sharpen it by drilling into any type of abrasive metal. As a precaution, never let it spin in the hole with no applied pressure. Be wary though, as excessive pressure may only break the bit.

Another reason why the bit won’t cut is if there is inadequate weight on the tool. To fix this, all you need to do is increase weight. Also, take notice of the rotation. If it’s a little too fast, then it needs adjustment.

Broken/lost segments. Broken segments are usually caused by loose debris that damage the bit. What you have to do is take the bit out of the drill and pick up all the debris prior to setting up another bit.  In the case of brazed diamond core bits, stopping the coolant even for a brief moment will damage the segments, so be sure the bit is watered the proper way to keep it cool during operation.

As a general rule, always start drilling at a slow speed. By doing this, you are also making sure that the bit doesn’t drift away from the drill point.

These are the two most common problems encountered when using such a heavy-duty tool like the diamond core bit. For future updates and information on the safety of our products please visit our blog from time to time

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