When dealing with heavy-duty construction equipment such as diamond blades, being cautious is not enough. One must possess enough experience and the proper knowledge to handle such type of equipment. And even if you follow all the instructions in the manual down to the last detail, a diamond blade malfunction is still inevitable. Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to guide you through a problematic diamond blade situation.

1. There is a loss of tension in the diamond blade. There are several causes for this problem. If the steel center has been overheating due to the rubbing of the material that is being cut, make sure that the RPM of the blade is correct so that it operates at its tensioned speed. If the overheating is caused by the diamond blade spinning on arbor, check the water flow, distribution, and lines. Also, make sure the blade shaft nut is tighten and if you are using a concrete saw, check to see if the drive pins are functioning.

2. There are segment cracks. This can be caused by the diamond blade being forced through the cut thus causing chattering. To resolve this, run the saw at a normal operating speed, and then open the blade by re-sharpening it on an abrasive material. Another cause of segment cracks is when a diamond blade is too hard for the material that is being cut. If this is the cause, use a blade with a softer bond. Make sure to choose the right kind of diamond blade because different materials require different blades.

3. The diamond blade will not cut. A key cause might be dullness. Re-sharpen the blade by dressing segment on an abrasive block.

4. The diamond blade wobbles. This is caused by dropping or the blade has been twisted during use. In this case, return the blade to the manufacturer for re-tensioning and flattening. Another cause of wobbling is when the blade runs at an improper speed. When this happens, check for bad bearings, belt shaft, or worn mounting arbor. The speed of the saw should also be checked because it can be either too fast or too slow for the size of the diamond blade.

For more tips on using a diamond blade, keep reading this blog.

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