Undeniably, the core bits of today have changed from when the very first ones produced. Today we don’t even have to deal with spear-point bits that simply don’t work against harder materials.

The strength and versatility of a diamond core bit is simply unmatched. Even bigger thanks to manufacturers that make extra reliable core bits. The best ones have the following characteristics:


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High resistance to impact – By all accounts, today’s versions of the core bit are a lot tougher. They are way more durable and can be used to bore a hole through concrete, stone, glass, and other hard materials, something impossible with the bits of the past.

Faster but more precise – Not only do they make faster cuts, the diamond core bits of today are known for precision. Logically, speed and precision do not go well, but here are the new diamond core bits disproving the notion. Unless you use the equipment incorrectly, there is no way a diamond core bit would yield unwanted results.

Minimal noise – With today’s diamond core bits, we no longer have to deal with excessive noise. Blame it on the new technology brought by the introduction of diamonds.

Minimal damage risks – With the old type of core bits, there was always the danger of cracking. Of course this can also happen even with the newer types of core bits but the risks are by far minimal. Because of this, the trouble of replacing materials can be avoided. A high quality diamond core bit will save you a lot on material replacements.

The improvement of core bits has been nothing short of revolutionary. The one thing that will hinder them from performing well – Not knowing how to use a core drill or failure to follow the instructions set forth by the manufacturer.




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