concrete-saw-bladesFor your saw blades to function effectively, you need to regularly sharpen them, especially if you use them often. Sharpening helps your saw blades perform at their best at all times. It also helps prevent injuries. A dull blade can cause your saw to jump or kick back. Instead of buying a new one or paying for the services of a professional, you can save some money by sharpening your own saw blades. Sharpening concrete saw blades may seem like a daunting task but it is something that you can actually do on your own, and it doesn’t involve too much effort. All you need is a brick or a concrete block and a water hose.

First, set up the concrete block or brick in an area with no obstructions. Turn on the water hose half way and run some water over the concrete block you are going to cut into. Next, turn the concrete saw on and start cutting into the brick or the concrete block. As you cut into it, the water mixes with the material remnants of the block or the brick, otherwise known as concrete dust. It produces a paste-like, abrasive, slurry substance which helps sharpen the saw blade.
Cut about six inches into the now soft brick or concrete block. This process gradually wears down the old surface of the blade down and as a result, exposes a new set of diamond blade tips. Continue this cutting process until the concrete saw blade is sharp and cuts with minimal effort. The number of times it will take for you to sharpen the blade largely depends on how dull the blade was to begin with. Other factors include the hardness of the blade, the abrasiveness of the brick or the concrete block you are using and the amount of water that you used to wet it.
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