Safety in the workplace is a necessity, no matter where one works. Especially important in the construction and stone industry, proper handling of power tools and diamond blades will not only save the lives of the individuals operating these tools but others who are present in the workplace as well. This is why certain precautions and safety procedures should be strictly followed particularly in the use of diamond blades.

Here are some of the most important don’ts in handling diamond blades in the workplace:

The diamond blade should not be changed or altered in any other way inside diameter (ID). Modifying the diamond inside diameter will result to unbalanced blade rotation, causing the diamond blade to wobble, pound, or even crack which is of course dangerous and very life-threatening.

Standing in line with the diamond blade and other hot particles is definitely a don’t. This is dangerous not only because of the hot particles that can pierce the skin but these particles can also get into the eye and cause blindness.

Never force a diamond blade to cut curves and other methods to which they are not designed for. Diamond blades are manufactured to cut in a straight direction only. Forcing diamond blades to cut curves will result to cracks and blade fragmentation which can bring possible injury to people in the surrounding vicinity. There are ways to go around cutting curves with diamond blades however, and these methods can be used instead of forcing a diamond blade to create curves.

Finally, a side pressure or grind should never be used with the side of the blade.

For the proper handling of diamond blades, individuals can refer to the regulations set by the American National Standards Institute which covers mounting procedures, flanges, general inspection, and general machine conditions.

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