With today’s technology, many diamond blades are constantly being improved to offer better performance for construction jobs. With the many varieties of diamond blades available in the market, it is easy to be confused with the type of saw blade to invest in. Earlier posts in this blog have helped with deciding on how to choose the right diamond blade.

To help you further in this matter, you should not only take into consideration the material to be cut but also the design of the diamond blade since this will ultimately affect the speed and blade life. For example, there are diamond blades that have continuous rim segments and some with multiple split segments. The main difference between the two is the surface they will be applied on: a diamond blade with continuous rim segment can only be used to cut tile, glass, porcelain, and other materials that can chip easily whereas a diamond blade with multiple split segments can be applied on concrete, asphalt, marble, granite, brick, block, and other building materials.

With turbo blades, continuous rim segments are used for faster cutting jobs that are general in nature, but the blade life is shortened because of the serrated segments with fewer diamond segments. Turbo segment blades are used for special purposes such as harder materials, because the laser-welded segments provide extra support when cutting surfaces such as concrete, hard brick, and other heavy duty materials.

The different segment designs will also affect the blade’s durability. Asphalt diamond blades should have long segments and wide gullets to allow the slurry to be removed faster. This will also prolong the life of the diamond blade. For concrete surfaces, the diamond blade should have narrow segments so it won’t cause too much impact against the harder material.

When choosing the right diamond blade for the job, always prioritize the material to be cut before deciding what segment type to use for the cutting job.

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