Diamond blades are saw blades that with diamonds attached at the end of the blade’s base for cutting hard and abrasive materials. Diamond blades are classified according to their shapes, uses, and making methods. Additionally, diamond blades are now being used in industries such as construction and IT to cut anything from stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, and even semiconductor materials. Listed below are some of the most common types of diamond blades.

A. Asphalt/Green Concrete Diamond Blades – Asphalt cutting is tricky because of the sand in asphalt never bonds as firmly so cutting is extremely difficult. Made of more than 90% aggregates and petroleum-based asphalt glue, asphalt can only be cut by high-quality diamond blades that offer supreme cutting performance and superior results without compromising the product’s blade life. When looking for the perfect asphalt diamond blade, search for that which has a hard bond and undercutting protection for the steel core which is designed only for asphalt cutting. Otherwise, using diamond blades not made for asphalt cutting will certainly cut the life of your diamond blade.
B. Concrete Blades – Concrete is very essential in the world of construction as they are primarily used in pavements, pipes, foundations, roads, and bridges. Concrete is made up of aggregates and sand which makes the hardness an important factor in choosing the right diamond blade. In purchasing the right concrete diamond blades, keep in mind the length of the cut, the equipment to be used, and the concrete material itself. Gila Tools also offers concrete turbo blades, pro concrete blades, and concrete pavers blades.
C. Tile Blades – Tiles are also used in construction though are mostly applied towards the end for finishing purposes. Diamond blades used for cutting tiles are generally continuous rim blades to provide for a clean cut in ceramic tiles. Some tile diamond blades sport a serrated turbo rim, usually found on dry cut tile blades. Examples of tile blades are the Speedy J-Slot Tile Blades and Tear Drop Tile Blades from Gila Tools.

D. Brick Blades – Bricks are construction materials used in masonry and with mortar. Despite having different levels of hardness, bricks are generally abrasive and thus requires diamond blades specifically designed for brick cutting. Laser-welded brick diamond blades usually offer faster cutting with quick cooling and less dust. It is important to pick brick diamond blades that are stable enough despite coming in contact even with the hardest material. Brick diamond blades should be forceful, precise, and constant when it comes to depth of cut.
Other types of diamond blades are block blades, general purpose blades, multipurpose blades, and ductile iron blades. Contact your local diamond blades supplier to help you pick which diamond blade is right for you and your business.
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