There are many different saw blades in the market and most of them are a challenge to store because of the size and amount of space they take up in storage areas. One such example is band saw blades. Owners of band saw blades know how cumbersome storing these diamond blades are, despite being one of the most versatile woodworking machinery. Fortunately, there is a trick on how to store band saw blades easily – if done properly – by folding it in three loops.

To begin, it is important to wear safety equipment when handling power tools and band saw blades are not exceptions. Wear protective gloves to shield the hands from the blade. Long-sleeved shirts and safety glasses are also recommended though it is very unlikely that the band saw blades will snap and spring out of the loops. Now, how do we begin folding band saw blades for easy storage?

The cutting side facing up, place the band saw blade on a clear working table. Reach underneath the front edge of the blade upon lifting it to grab the opposite side of the saw blade. The three loops, which should look like a three-leafed clover, will be formed by pulling the far side underneath the near side. To visualize the task easily, the end product should look somewhat as if one-third of the leaf is near you while the other two are away from you.

The next step is a bit tricky. With one hand to hold the clover in place, pull the far side of one of the two loops then use the same hand to steady the clover while your other hand reaches to the far side of the opposite loop. Securing the two loops, lift and twist over your body while also putting enough pressure to hold the loop to the table. The two far loops will intertwine as they are moved closer to your body, which will in turn result to three equally-sized loops that form one circular shape.

Finally, make some adjustments to ensure that all three loops are fit into that one tight circle. Secure the band saw blades with twist ties or cable ties as well as keep the looped blade in shape while they are stored.

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