Chainsaws are used in various ways.  It is used in cutting trees, concrete, rebar, wood or any other surface that needs deep cutting.  FBI uses chainsaw for busting homes and warehouses.  Movie producers use chainsaw as props or as the main title and plot of a movie.  DIYers uses chainsaws to cut wood or concrete for their patio.  Chainsaws are everywhere.  But what most chainsaw users forget is the part of the saw that makes cutting possible.  Just like a diamond blade that needs an angle grinder or a circular saw to make precision cutting possible, the chainsaw needs a bar oil to make those deep straight cuts and square corners possible.
A bar oil reduces the friction between the chain guide and the groove in the guide bar.  This will allow the chain to rotate faster without burning up or exhausting the motor.  The bar oil is also responsible in lengthening the work life of your chainsaw.
So how does it work?  A bar oil is placed or stored in a reservoir.  The oil is then distributed by the chain itself along the length of the entire chain.  This will keep the chain lubricated, despite heavy friction and the build-up of dust and oil. 
Basically, chainsaw bar oil determines how the chainsaw will perform.  If oil is too thin, the oil will not rotate with the chain and if oil is too thick, it will increase friction between the chain guide and the groove.  One should know what type of oil to use to get the maximum performance out of the chainsaw.  Most manufacturers would recommend special oils just for the chainsaw bar oil use.  Avoid using used car engine oils.
How you check your oil?  Regular and proper check up of your oil will surely lengthen the life of your chainsaw.  There are two things that you can look for to see if your chain is properly oiled: first check if oil reserve should almost be empty if the gas is almost empty.  Next is if you run the chainsaw and you see a fine spray of oil on a paper, that means your chains is still well oiled and your oil ports are clean.  But if any of these two checkpoints fails, check the oil port and clean it.  It may be clogged and would need proper cleaning.
Chainsaw bar oil may be a small part compared to your chainsaw but without this bar oil, the chain will break easily.  The bar oil is as significant as the chainsaw itself.

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