Oh no, don’t throw all that sawdust.

It’s a shame that for some people, sawdust does not belong anywhere but the trash can. If you have no idea how to dispose those piles of sawdust in your work place, read on. Or, do Mother Nature a favor and just give it to someone who knows how to. Really, depends on where you are and your lifestyle, you can never have enough sawdust.


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There is always an abundance of sawdust, just as much as there is a surplus of things you can do with it. In here are the best uses of sawdust so you would never have to dispose of it the wrong way again. You should be careful in dealing with sawdust though, as there are a number of diseases that can be had, especially with prolonged exposure from it.

As bedding for animals

Piles of sawdust make for a soft, comfortable bedding for animals. These are often used in horse stables and other farm animals. Walnut sawdust is not a good idea though as it is toxic to animals.

As traction

During winter, loggers scatter sawdust along their tracks as it provides traction for their trucks on slippery roads.

As absorbent

Sawdust is highly absorbent. If you have gathered enough sawdust from the last time you used your carbide saw blade, then good for you. In cases of oil or paint spills, you can use sawdust to contain them. You can also spread wet sawdust using a push broom to soak up dirt and other fine dust.

As fertilizer

Animal manure is not the only waste produce that you can put in the plants. You can actually mix them with sawdust to keep your plants healthy. Again, do not use walnut sawdust as it is also toxic for plants. Don’t worry, you can use them to kill weeds.

As stuffing for punching bag


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Old school trainers would recommend sawdust as the best stuffing for punching bags. Truth is, until now, there are heavy bag manufacturers that use sawdust to stuff their products which came from using saw blades. Shouldn’t matter as long as you have your game face on.



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