Go Green!  People are now more conscious about saving the earth.  This generation is becoming more aware of the effects of global warming, thus a need to be more responsible.  Campaigns about being eco friendly are ongoing left and right.  Save the earth, go green.
Not all of us can actively participate in those campaigns.  But we can do our part by starting it in our own homes.  We can help save the planet by knowing how to turn your house into an eco-friendly house.
Here are some tips on how you can turn you homes into an eco-friendly house:
1.     Use Skylights Using natural light during daytime would definitely help you save energy.  You can maximize and utilize the rays of the sun in lighting portions of your house that you think you would really need light for the day.  You can also open your curtains to enjoy natural sunlight inside your living room where there is no skylight.
2.     Use LED bulbs – LED bulb are more energy efficient than your ordinary bulbs.  This will also mean lesser maintenance and longer bulb lifespan thus increase in savings and lesser bulb requirements.
3.     Use SOLAR Panels – Using natural power means reduced electricity usage.  This will help you with your heating requirements.  It can heat your water for your morning coffee and for your daily bathing requirement.  Clean and pure energy produced through the solar panels can be stored in batteries for future use.
4.    Use of Timers and Motion Sensors – Appliances with timers will help you minimize use of electricity.  There are Air Conditioning units that have built in timers.  Use of light bulbs with motion sensors will also help you save electricity.  It will just light up whenever it is needed.
Building houses with the right diamond tools such as a diamond blade will also help you save time, electricity and wastage of materials.
Going green is not easy but if you want the next generation to enjoy this earth, you will absolutely find ways to do it.
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