Saving lives is never too easy especially in a car crash.   A study made 3 decades ago showed that 57% of the collisions were all driver related crashes.  Known factors that affect the drivers are as follows: behavior, visual sharpness, reflexes and decision-making ability.   Whether its head-on, road departure, rear-end, side collisions, or car crash what’s important is to save whoever is inside those cars.  That is when a diamond blade comes handy.  Firemen can cut the panel of the car with the use of this diamond tool making it more accessible for entry during emergency situations.  Cutting it though would require experience and precautions.  You don’t just remove or cut the car on your own.  There are extrication processes that a rescue team observes.  Other tools like chocks and bracing for stabilization and hydraulic tools are also needed during the process.  Nothing beats a well-prepared rescue team and a quality tool that comes with the rescuers.

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