Safety is the number one priority during construction projects. Aside from basic safety rules such as wearing the right equipment when coming to the site, there are other safety rules one must adhere to, especially when working with diamond blades and diamond cutting tools. Without adhering to these rules, diamond tools can be dangerous in the workplace. So before cutting with diamond blades…
1. …make sure that the diamond blade to be installed does not have any damage. Whether it’s brand new or previously owned, diamond blades should not have any marks on it. There are a number of different diamond blades available from your local diamond blades manufacturer and they are manufactured according to the type of material to be cut.
2. … check if the arrow indicates the right direction of rotation before mounting it on the saw. Putting a diamond blade in the wrong direction greatly reduces efficiency and you will not be able to maximize the full life out of the saw blade. Add to that that diamond blades rotating in the reverse direction may cause other damage in the long run.
3. … adhere to the correct RPM speed of the diamond blade you are using to ensure a full life of the saw blade.

4. … you have the right respiratory safety gear to prevent yourself from breathing hazardous elements such as air born dust that can be caused by cutting. Wet cutting also requires you to wear the same safety gear for the same reasons.
5. … make sure that the diamond blades can actually cut. Check the diamond blade’s cutting segments and make sure that they aren’t worn out yet. Useless segments on diamond blades can damage cutting saws.
Flanges are the plates that hold the diamond blade on the crank shaft. Thus, flanges should be secured and tightened firmly for the diamond blade not to slip during cutting to ensure the best cutting performance.
Diamond blades are used for wet and dry cutting. When working with a wet saw, waterways should be clean and free of obstruction. This prevents overheating of the diamond blades and the cut will be free of any cutting material left behind during the cutting process.
Don’t forget, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and it can’t hurt to be safe. Used properly, diamond blades and diamond cutting tools can do great for your construction business.
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