A walk-behind saw is a power tool designed to break through concrete, asphalt, and other hard materials. They are used for when small hand-held saws wouldn’t suffice. It is normally powered by electric motor, but there are others that can be powered by hydraulic, gasoline, or pneumatic pressure.

A hand-held saw is dangerous enough, as it appears. What more is the much bigger walk-behind saw? If you are or will be working with and around this type of saw, you may want to read the following:

CS UNITEC CSR150 walkbehind saw

Image credit: cpwrconstructionsolutions.org

  1. Inspect the saw for any damage before mounting the diamond blade. Be sure what you’re mounting is a specialized walk-behind saw blade. Be sure you fit it properly, never forcing it in the process.
  1. Check the diameter of the blade shaft collars. It should correspond to the size of the blade being used.
  1. When tightening the shaft nut, the spark plugs are disconnected and you are using the lock pin. Be sure the shaft nut is securely tightened.
  1. While running, make sure the blade guard is in place. The size of the blade guard should correspond to the size of the blade being used.
  1. When not in use, always secure the saw to prevent it from rolling. Of course, you never want to leave the saw when the engine is running, and if anything goes wrong, just shut off the engine.
  1. Be sure you are comfortably away from the saw when starting it. Stay on the side of the blade.
  1. When running, never force the blade into the material being cut. Do it slowly and properly so as not to put unwanted

    Image credit: silica-safe.org

    damage on the material and the blade itself.

  1. Still when cutting, be sure there is sufficient water flow for wet cutting to have the blade performing well for a long time.
  1. There is a reason why there is a specified maximum operating speed. Be sure you adhere to this.

10.  Lastly, always wear proper safety gear like glasses and other equipment.



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