A diamond cup wheel is a metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold-pressed on steel or on aluminum wheel body. These are usually mounted on concrete grinders to grind abrasive building materials like concrete, granite and marble.  Grinding, on the other hand, is the method of removing metal by the application of abrasives that are bonded to form a rotating wheel.
It is very important that you choose the right kind of diamond cup wheel for your requirement.  Let us start with the concrete cup wheel for your concrete and masonry projects.  It comes in varieties such as the single row cup wheel used for less rough surfaces.  You can also get the double row, T-segmented, lightweight and the twister turbo cup wheels for a more aggressive surface.  These are ideal for Angle Grinder.

The stone cup wheel is also another type of cup wheel that you can choose for your cutting requirements.  One interesting cup wheel is the aluminum cup wheel that is designed for faster and more aggressive grinding and shaping.  It is available in 3 diamond grit sizes: coarse, medium and fine, which can give you excellent performance on surfaces, corners, edges and angles of granite marble and other natural stone surfaces.

Floor Grinding heads are engineered to improve machine vibration during application.  If you want to smoothen rough surfaces and patched floors, this is the ideal disc head to use.  This is also used for grinding down bumps, raised or curled sidewalk panels.  This cup wheel is also effective in removing epoxies, resins, urethane and other concrete coatings.
For polishing granite, marble and stone, polishing pads are the right diamond cup wheels to use.  The polish achieved is more often than not higher than the original factory polish.  It comes in dry or wet pads designed for use with wet or dry grinders.

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