For those who prefer renting concrete saws rather than purchasing one for one-time projects, there are few factors to take into consideration. First is that it’s important to understand that renting a concrete saw means you are not dealing with a brand new power tool, which is why you have to be sure that the concrete saw given to you is in good condition and works perfectly fine. Handling the wrong concrete saw for the job may produce more damage than good and you may end up paying more if the concrete saw becomes damaged.

1. Saw size – Before renting a concrete saw, do some research and find out the ideal saw size that should be used for a particular job. This means that you already have an idea of what saw size is required because not all store clerks know what they are saying if you ask for their assistance. The important thing is that the concrete saw should be powerful enough to finish the job. Otherwise, you may end up struggling with the wrong concrete saw and damaging the tool.

2. Saw condition – Carefully inspect the concrete saw being rented out to you. The water feed should not be blocked, otherwise the diamond blade would not be cooled, which in turn could destroy both the blade and the saw. If the concrete saw has some damages, it should be noted in all copies of the agreement to make sure that you do not end up paying for damages that where there in the first place.

3. Operation – Ask help from the store on how to properly operate a concrete saw. Have them give you thorough instruction and the safety features to lessen the number of possible mistakes you can commit when handling the saw.

4. Diamond blade – Aside from having the right saw size, the proper diamond blade is also necessary to accompany your concrete saw. Diamond blades vary according to the material they are intended to cut and the equipment they should be attached to, which is why it is very important to select the right diamond blade for the job. Not doing so will not only damage the blade, but the machine too.

5. Rental agreement – Read the fine print carefully. The agreement contains the responsibilities and liabilities that come with renting the concrete saw. While some are lenient, there are still owners who are very strict in implementing these rules. Some of the details that should be agreed upon are the price, time, and the condition of the concrete saw.

For one-time construction jobs, it may be more practical to rent concrete saws instead of purchasing one as they cost hundreds (and some, thousands) of dollars. However, if building is your passion, then it is more practical to own one as the one-time cost is cheaper than repetitively renting one. is an online provider of power tools for tough jobs. Gila Tools has a wide array of diamond-based products as well as construction equipment such as concrete saws, polishing kits, and handheld drills.

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