If money were never a problem, what would you do?  Will you tear down an old house to build a new one or are you just going to renovate and innovate?  First things first, you need to know the extent of your plans.  What is your objective in renovating and likewise with building a new house?  You need to have a plan to start with and this plan will mainly depend on how much are you willing to shell out.
Renovating is now easier compared to before.  Now you can use diamond tools that will lessen the workload, decreasing the cost of renovation.  A high quality diamond blade can make the job faster.  You can now replace bathroom tiles and counter tops with the help of a dependable diamond tool. 
Building a new house on the other hand is more tedious than fixing an old house. However, starting from scratch in this day of high technology is not so difficult as before.  Now you can just rent or buy tools that will make your life easier.  You can now cut a rebar for your concrete wall with the use of a ductile iron blade in a much faster way.  You can also cut blocks or bricks using a block blade that can give you faster and accurate results.  This will save you more time and money, which you can use for other building requirements.
Choosing the best tool supplier and using the right diamond tools will surely make a difference when renovating or building a new home.  A diamond blade for instance can make the cutting requirements faster which can bring in more savings that you can apply to your other construction needs.  You just have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of renovating versus building.  To guide you with your decision, below are some points that you can consider before you execute any plans:
      Renovating                                                 VS.                                 Building
– Retention of sound structure                                                   New structures, high cost
– Permits costs less                                                                     Permits are more expensive
– Retain significant parts                                                            Start from scratch
– Plumbing and electrical problems                                            New plumbing and electrical

Renovating an old house has some advantages likewise with building a new home.  Before you decide on what you will do, consult a professional contractor and use only the best diamond saw blades from a known diamond tool supplier.

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