Refinishing is the process of repairing or restoring, sometimes for decorative purposes. It is normally done to salvage an old piece of home fixture or furniture.

The goal is a renewed surface finish by any finishing material like paint. For this article, we will show you how to refinish a bathtub. For any bathroom job that would require you to bore a hole, be sure you have a diamond core bit available. But for this, all you need is a little cleaning.


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Ready the tub. Before doing any application, be sure to strip off any anti-slip strips using a cleaner and degreaser. With an abrasive cleanser, wash the tub and gently scrub it using an abrasive pad. Be sure you don’t overdo the scrubbing as it may damage the tub.

Sand the tub. Some may not advise you to sand the tub for the reason that you’ve already cleaned it and doing so may only damage it. Truth is, sometimes cleaning isn’t enough to get rid of any grime, so you need to sand. Again, be sure you do it gently and with a wet sandpaper so that the grime can be easily rinsed while you are working. Also, sanding will provide some decent adhesion when coating.

Now you’re ready to paint. Mix the epoxy coating and apply it using a brush and roller. If on the surface you see bubbles while painting, don’t worry; it’s normal and they will dry up and level as you go along. When brush, do it only in one direction. You will need an hour interval when applying two light coats. Be sure to feather the edges as you go on with painting.

Refinishing the bathtub is a DIY job that doesn’t call for intermediate skills. We’ll get that diamond core bit in action in future articles, just keep it here.



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