The world of construction is one tough field where it is normal to encounter hard and abrasive compounds. Diamond blades are designed to penetrate even the toughest materials. Diamond blades were invented for cutting convenience, but to maximize the value of diamond blades they need to be used properly.

The use of diamond blades begins with choosing the right kind of diamond blade. Depending on your purpose, there is usually a particular type of diamond blade for your different construction cutting needs. Of course, it goes without saying that personal safety is paramount when dealing with construction tools as sharp and as potentially dangerous as diamond blades. Wear snug fitting clothes, safety goggles, proper footwear, safety headgear and even proper respiratory equipment. Once you have selected the right type, it is advised that you follow these tips to ensure safe and efficient use of your diamond blades.

1. Visually examine the diamond blade for cracks or any other form of damage. Never use a diamond blade if you suspect any damage, no matter how minor it may seem. Remember: safety first. Damaged diamond blades are dangerous when used. Do not hesitate to call and return to the manufacturer.

2. Use a coolant to cool and lubricate the diamond blade. It has been proven that the proper use of coolant contributes to cutting efficiency, reduces heat build-up and material cracks and deformation, and improves surface finish. The most often used and most affordable coolant is, of course, water.

3. Know when to replace diamond blades. There are three red flags that are helpful in reminding you when it’s time to call your supplier for new diamond blades. Replace diamond blades that are bent, dished and not running true.

Expert workmanship begins with the right kind and quality of diamond blade. For industry standard diamond blades, visit

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