Looking merely at the price, you will learn that porcelain tiles have a lot over glass tiles.

Well the cost is certainly justified, as what your local tile salespeople will explain. But less expensive those glass tiles may be, they are in no way a bad choice. In fact, many homeowners prefer to use glass tiles for their flooring project. It all depends on your budget and preference.


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In essence, porcelain tiles are a much denser version of glass tiles. This is because they are made of refined clay, and because they are heated at extremely sweltering temperatures, porcelain tiles offer a harder, moisture-free choice for your flooring project. They are more durable and have a higher resistance to damage. Sudden temperature changes is one cause of damages for ordinary tiles, but certainly not with porcelain ones.

When it comes to quality, it is safe to say that there is no mediocrity with porcelain tiles. Glass tiles, on the other hand, vary in quality. Those that are of low quality can break or get damaged easily, but the good ones give you a lot for their more affordable price. No worries there because the good ones are still cheaper than porcelain tiles.

Glass tiles combine functionality, practicality, and affordability, something you cannot say about porcelain tiles. While the latter are known for their more pleasing aesthetics that offer a throwback to ancient Greek designs, it’s their glass counterparts that generally present a wider variety of types, patterns, and sizes. If you are looking to avoid the commonplace, glass tiles definitely leave a lot more room for creativity. Talk about versatility – your local salespeople will definitely have this as a main selling point of glass tiles. After all, porcelain tiles are more expensive, especially those that have more sophisticated designs.


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Porcelain tiles and glass tiles, both are good choices. With the above information, hopefully, you will arrive at only the best decision if you are torn between the two materials for your flooring project. Remember that for cutting tiles, a diamond blade will come in handy, so be sure you have one in your tool kit. Gila Tools offers  both porcelain tile blades and glass tile blades for faster, smoother cuts.




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