There is no such thing as creating a perfect hole accidentally.  It has to be intentional.  You have to deliberately get the best diamond core bit to do it and add to it a drilling guide. Your drilling life will be easier and a lot faster. Drilling guides get the job done in a more [...]

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Japanese are known for their creativity and optimizing their resources.  Take a look at their uniquely designed public restroom, featuring an arrow-shaped surface with holes in the walls. This project was designed and conceptualized by Japanese architectural firm Future Studio and is now dubbed as the “Absolute Arrows.” With this new concept, a diamond core [...]

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Saving lives is never too easy especially in a car crash.   A study made 3 decades ago showed that 57% of the collisions were all driver related crashes.  Known factors that affect the drivers are as follows: behavior, visual sharpness, reflexes and decision-making ability.   Whether its head-on, road departure, rear-end, side collisions, or car crash [...]

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Glass is fragile.  You can easily break it if not handled with extreme care. Drilling a hole in a glass is should likewise be handled with extreme care.  This is when you will need a high quality and a dependable diamond core bit.  A perfect hole is never created by luck or by chance.  It [...]

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A perfect hole epitomized by the great Barbara Hepworth.  During World War II, Barbara and her husband came to Cornwall and worked in Trewyn studios.  Barbara’s amazement with the idea of having a garden and a studio in an open air and space was the foundation of the now called Barbara Hepworth Museum and the [...]

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Brick houses are classy.  Having a brick walled house adds beauty to an elegant house. And with great tools such as a diamond blade, adding bricks to a home is not as difficult as it seems.  There are a lot of benefits to owning a house that is made mostly out of bricks.  This manmade [...]

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Luxury and quality go hand in hand.  You can never separate these two words in your dictionary if you want an effective marketing campaign. But wait! How does a cup wheeland a resort fit together? Read on…Having a family vacation should be included in your annual calendar of activities.  Bonding together with your partner and [...]

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Achieving a perfect hole for a counter top faucet is very convenient using a diamond core bit.  Granite counter tops are more expensive but more durable, and that is why you also need to be sure when you’re drilling a hole on it.  You have to decide first what type of faucet you’re going to [...]

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A perfect hole from the top view, this great Blue Hole in Belize is indeed an attraction.  Just like a hole created by a diamond core bit, this famed Blue Hole is a perfectly circular limestone sinkhole more than 300 feet across and 412 feet deep.  Tourist particularly divers frequents this site for an opportunity [...]

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Porcelain tiles are now gaining popularity in the construction world.  According to Wikipedia, porcelain is 25% stronger than granite.  A top quality diamond tool that can penetrate through any hard aggregate like a porcelain tile is essential to drill a hole. Drilling a hole using a core bit is easier because of its hollow center.  [...]

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