Cutting hardened concrete is usually done to incorporate aesthetic joints or electric chases. Given the hardness of set concrete, this may seem like a job for construction professionals only. But you can actually do this yourself with the help of the right construction tools and equipment, namely the circular concrete saw. Before getting on the [...]

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Husqvarna Soft-Cut 50 Green Concrete SawThough concrete saws come in different forms and sizes, there are general guidelines that can be applied when using them. One of the most important guideline of all is safety. So before handling a concrete saw, or any construction equipment for that matter, make sure that you are equipped with [...]

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With today’s technology, many diamond blades are constantly being improved to offer better performance for construction jobs. With the many varieties of diamond blades available in the market, it is easy to be confused with the type of saw blade to invest in. Earlier posts in this blog have helped with deciding on how to [...]

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Diamond Products CC1000T 10" Heavy Duty Wide Cutting Tile Saw (1-1/2 HP)Like we always say, when it comes to purchasing tile saws or any other construction equipment for that matter, it is important to consider the type of material being cut. What are its dimensions? It is important to be able to answer this question [...]

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Granite Silent Core BladesIn a previous blog post, we shared with you some diamond blade issues that you might have encountered. We also shared with you the ways on how to address those problems. Today, we’re following up the previous post by adding more helpful diamond blade handling tips.Here is the second part of our [...]

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Multi Purpose BladesSafety in the workplace is a necessity, no matter where one works. Especially important in the construction and stone industry, proper handling of power tools and diamond blades will not only save the lives of the individuals operating these tools but others who are present in the workplace as well. This is why [...]

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A concrete saw or diamond blade is not cheap, which is why investing in one requires proper research so you don’t end up regretting purchasing a concrete saw or diamond blade that doesn't really work well. The basic function of a concrete saw is to cut through concrete, masonry, asphalt, tile, brick, and other solid [...]

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When it comes to a construction project, having the right tools is not enough anymore. Knowing which right tools to purchase is the essential first step to ensure that no time and money are wasted.In this article, we will help you answer some basic questions about purchasing and using a ceramic tile saw.Question: How do [...]

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When dealing with heavy-duty construction equipment such as diamond blades, being cautious is not enough. One must possess enough experience and the proper knowledge to handle such type of equipment. And even if you follow all the instructions in the manual down to the last detail, a diamond blade malfunction is still inevitable. Here are [...]

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Husqvarna FS 309 Walk Behind Flat SawA concrete saw is a power tool that construction industries have used all year long for various projects, big or small. A concrete saw helps to accomplish difficult tasks, whether it’s cutting out sections of asphalt or slicing through concrete. With a rate of 2,000rpms/day, it is easy to [...]

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