A perfect hole from the top view, this great Blue Hole in Belize is indeed an attraction.  Just like a hole created by a diamond core bit, this famed Blue Hole is a perfectly circular limestone sinkhole more than 300 feet across and 412 feet deep.  Tourist particularly divers frequents this site for an opportunity [...]

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Porcelain tiles are now gaining popularity in the construction world.  According to Wikipedia, porcelain is 25% stronger than granite.  A top quality diamond tool that can penetrate through any hard aggregate like a porcelain tile is essential to drill a hole. Drilling a hole using a core bit is easier because of its hollow center.  [...]

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Elegance and perfection can only be attained using a quality and reliable diamond tool.This Chesapeake Bay 'Glass House' was auctioned last May 2011 and was valued initially at $7.9 Million.  This 9,700 square feet of living space in Pasdena, Maryland, boasts of its modern and luxurious living.  The floor to ceiling glass structure offers a [...]

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A diamond blade can create beauty. Read on to find out how.A picturesque backyard adds radiance and symmetry to one’s house.   Would you want a boring backyard that has stones and rocks on it or would you rather have a memory backyard that has life in it?  Adding color to your lawn would definitely make [...]

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Ever imagine living in the Stone Age having only few tools to use for all your day-to-day work?  Thanks to technology, we don’t have to undergo the same cumbersome workload that our ancestors experienced.With the help of a diamond cup wheel, grinding, polishing, cutting, shaping, flattening and smoothing extremely hard surfaces and materials can now [...]

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Handrails are important especially to the elderly and the disabled people.  This helps a person go up and down the stairs with ease and a sense of security. Installing it on a marble tile is another story.  Follow these simple steps on how you can install your handrails with the help of a core bit [...]

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Money can totally change the way a person views things.  It’s either you exaggerate with your clothing, accessories, houses, furniture, and even the simplest detail in your house like the tiles inside your bathroom or kitchen. Hence, it only goes to show that expensive things need to be handled with the best tools possible, right?Have [...]

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Our environment adversely affects the way we work.  Your workspace determines who you are.Having a friendly and a professional environment in the workplace can definitely bring out the best in your and your employee’s performance.  If you’re building an office, then here are some tips that you may want to consider. Choosing the right fixtures [...]

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A marble is widely used in kitchen counter tops, bathroom floors, living room floors, and other construction requirements.  To keep the characteristic of this wonderful rock, you need to use a top quality diamond tool that can be trusted, and that’s when a diamond core bit comes in.  A core bit will bring out that [...]

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Don’t hide it.  Let it shine.  Polishing your floor will bring out the best in your showroom!

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