Diamond tools are cutting tools grained with diamonds on its periphery. Considered as the hardest material on the earth, a diamond's hardness is much higher than corundum and silicon carbide. That is why tools with grained diamonds like diamond drill core bit will serve more efficiently than any other cutting tools. Building a house or constructing a [...]

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Hospitals play a big role in a community.  This is where most people are born.  This is also where a person’s most significant and extraordinary moments happen.  On the employment side, hospitals are considered an economic driver.  They are considered as on of the largest employers in most communities.  Hospitals are indeed opportunities in disguise!Baby [...]

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Bridges play a very important role in a country's economy.  It helps boost growth and improve lifestyle.  In US alone, there are already half a million bridges that are being utilized everyday to cross valleys, rivers, and other obstacles.  Bridges are considered architectural wonders and feats of human endeavor.  It also plays a very important [...]

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Choosing the right diamond blade will give you a more efficient result.  It should fit your construction requirements.  Diamond blades are manufactured differently based on the type of material to be cut.  It comes in different varieties such as general purpose blades, multi-purpose blades, concrete blades, asphalt blades, masonry blades, brick blades, block blades, demolition [...]

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Glass is fragile. You can easily break it if not handled with extreme care. Drilling a hole in a glass is should likewise be handled with extreme care. This is when you will need a high quality and a dependable diamond core bit. A perfect hole is never created by luck or by chance. It [...]

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A block or a concrete block is made from cast concrete that comes in a rectangular shape. They are commonly used in building structures with concrete columns and tie beams, which are toughened with the use of rebar. Installing these blocks may be as simple as laying your tiles but cutting it is somehow time [...]

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Spaces between bricks, concrete blocks or glass blocks are called mortar joints, which are filled with mortars or grouts.  They come in different designs such as beaded, grapevine, raked, extruded, concave, flush, struck or weathered.  Although bricks and concrete can last for several decades, mortar joints or grouts cannot cope up with the test of [...]

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There is no such thing as creating a perfect hole accidentally.  It has to be intentional.  You have to deliberately get the best diamond core bit to do it and add to it a drilling guide. Your drilling life will be easier and a lot faster. Drilling guides get the job done in a more [...]

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Japanese are known for their creativity and optimizing their resources.  Take a look at their uniquely designed public restroom, featuring an arrow-shaped surface with holes in the walls. This project was designed and conceptualized by Japanese architectural firm Future Studio and is now dubbed as the “Absolute Arrows.” With this new concept, a diamond core [...]

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Saving lives is never too easy especially in a car crash.   A study made 3 decades ago showed that 57% of the collisions were all driver related crashes.  Known factors that affect the drivers are as follows: behavior, visual sharpness, reflexes and decision-making ability.   Whether its head-on, road departure, rear-end, side collisions, or car crash [...]

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