A concrete saw or diamond blade is not cheap, which is why investing in one requires proper research so you don’t end up regretting purchasing a concrete saw or diamond blade that doesn't really work well. The basic function of a concrete saw is to cut through concrete, masonry, asphalt, tile, brick, and other solid [...]

When it comes to a construction project, having the right tools is not enough anymore. Knowing which right tools to purchase is the essential first step to ensure that no time and money are wasted.In this article, we will help you answer some basic questions about purchasing and using a ceramic tile saw.Question: How do [...]

When dealing with heavy-duty construction equipment such as diamond blades, being cautious is not enough. One must possess enough experience and the proper knowledge to handle such type of equipment. And even if you follow all the instructions in the manual down to the last detail, a diamond blade malfunction is still inevitable. Here are [...]

Husqvarna FS 309 Walk Behind Flat SawA concrete saw is a power tool that construction industries have used all year long for various projects, big or small. A concrete saw helps to accomplish difficult tasks, whether it’s cutting out sections of asphalt or slicing through concrete. With a rate of 2,000rpms/day, it is easy to [...]

Great caution should be applied when operating power tools such as a concrete saw. Not only will mishandling a concrete saw be dangerous to the person operating it, but it also poses a dangerous workplace. To prevent complications and injuries, here are some tips on how to safely operate a concrete saw. In general, you [...]

A concrete saw is a power tool that the construction industry uses for cutting concrete, masonry, tile, and other solid materials. Also known as a consaw or road saw, a concrete saw comes in many different variations. It could be a hand-held cut-off saw or a walk-behind saw. It can be powered by gasoline, hydraulic [...]

MK Diamond MK-20 Series Self-Propelled Concrete Flat SawWhen buying heavy-duty construction equipment such as a concrete saw, you do not always have to shell out a large sum of money for a brand new product. Buying brand new items definitely has its perks but you can also save a lot of money by buying secondhand. [...]

In a previous article in this blog, we gave you tips on dry cutting with diamond saw blades. Now, we are giving you some do’s and don’ts when wet cutting with your diamond saw. In general, before proceeding with this kind of activity, you should come prepared with proper safety equipment and gear, which includes [...]

Tuck Point / Crack Chaser BladesThere are many different saw blades in the market and most of them are a challenge to store because of the size and amount of space they take up in storage areas. One such example is band saw blades. Owners of band saw blades know how cumbersome storing these diamond [...]

For the construction industry, there are many diamond blades that are manufactured with both a general and specific purpose in mind. For example, asphalt or green concrete blades are specifically designed to cut through asphalt or green concrete because these diamond blades have the quality to produce supreme cutting performance needed for extremely abrasive cutting. [...]

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