Great caution should be applied when operating power tools such as a concrete saw. Not only will mishandling a concrete saw be dangerous to the person operating it, but it also poses a dangerous workplace. To prevent complications and injuries, here are some tips on how to safely operate a concrete saw.

In general, you should be remembered that no matter what solid surface you are cutting with a concrete saw, you should only saw as deep as the job condition requires. Cutting should be done in a straight line. This can be accomplished by first marking the surface with a marker so the operator can easily follow the line, eliminating the difficulty in twisting and turning the concrete saw from side to side. Before cutting, make sure that the blade is always in line with the pointer. Adjust the pointer accordingly so it always lines up with the blade.

While a concrete saw can be used for either wet or dry cutting, it is traditionally used for wet cutting, especially if the blades attached to the concrete saw are diamond blades. To maximize a concrete saw’s performance, water should constantly flow through the switch because the concrete saw will stop working once the water runs out.

When cutting a solid surface, gently lower the concrete saw’s blade one notch at a time then apply a little pressure to move it forward. Never ever force the blade to rise out of the cut. This can ruin not only the concrete saw but the material you are cutting as well. However, if the concrete saw stall, raise the blade from the cut before starting it again. Once you put it back on a partially cut surface, make sure that the blade is aligned perfectly with the cut and switched to the top speed. Do this with extreme care.

As with other power tools, it is best to keep other people away when operating a concrete saw. Extreme caution should always be applied to protect you and the people around you.

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