Spaces between bricks, concrete blocks or glass blocks are called mortar joints, which are filled with mortars or grouts.  They come in different designs such as beaded, grapevine, raked, extruded, concave, flush, struck or weathered.  Although bricks and concrete can last for several decades, mortar joints or grouts cannot cope up with the test of time and can crack easily.  A diamond blade is the appropriate tool for repointing – a process of removing the old mortar joints and replacing it with a new one.
You can choose from a variety of high quality diamond tools for this process.  An array of Tuck Point Blades and Crack Chaser Blades will certainly suit your construction requirements.  These diamond blades are mainly used for the process of removing cracked mortar joints for the preparation of masonry surfaces such as concrete, brick, block and stone.  This type of diamond blade provides faster cutting and removal of mortar joints to ensure that efficiency is achieved.  Aside from mortar joint removal, this tuck point blade also widens the existing cracks in preparation for the sealing process.  Just like any other top grade diamond tools, this diamond saw blade is embedded with premium quality diamonds on its periphery to give you fast cutting speeds and faster cooling for optimum performance. Blade life is also extended.
A diamond saw blade has so many functions when it comes to construction.  Aside from efficient removal and faster replacement of mortar joints, this diamond tool is also used to cut all types of hard and abrasive applications.  There are different types of diamond blades that will fit your specific needs such as general-purpose blades, multi-purpose blades, concrete blades, asphalt blades, masonry blades, brick blades, block blades, glass blades, porcelain blades, tile blades, granite blades, and many more.
To ensure fast and efficient repointing, choose a reliable and top quality diamond blade.

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