A block or a concrete block is made from cast concrete that comes in a rectangular shape. They are commonly used in building structures with concrete columns and tie beams, which are toughened with the use of rebar. Installing these blocks may be as simple as laying your tiles but cutting it is somehow time consuming.  Most masons would use the conventional way of cutting it with the use of a chisel and a hammer, as seen in the video below:

Do that same process to more than 50 blocks and you will see how time consuming it can be. Moreover, it leaves jagged edges and a high margin for error if lines are not even. Errors could result to a lot of block wastage.
On the other hand, a diamond blade will give you an efficient and precise cut compared to cutting a block manually. Cutting speed is also much faster than manual cutting, allowing you to get other things done. See the video below on how a high quality diamond blade works.

There are different diamond saw blades to choose from.  It comes in different varieties depending on your specific need.  If you are cutting a block, you can use a premium segmented blade, wide slot masonry blade, heavy duty masonry blades, super duty fast cut blades, pro-cut heavy duty blades and many more to choose from.  These diamond blades come in different segment height and horsepower range to suit your construction requirements.
Aside from cutting blocks, a diamond blade can also be utilized for cutting granite, marble, asphalt, tiles, porcelain, glass, steel pipes and many other types of applications. Diamond saw blades have these circular steel discs with industrial diamonds on its periphery, saving you time and giving you that perfect cut.
Hence, for manual cutting vs. diamond blade cutting, these are the advantages:
       jagged edges, uneven lines vs. smooth, straight, and precise cut
       time consuming vs. speedy and instant cutting
       time wasted on cutting blocks vs. instant cutting to focus on other work
       high margin of error in block breakage vs. minimal damage on blocks
Achieve efficiency at work by using only high quality and dependable diamond saw blades.

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