No one is above the law.  Have you heard of the name Kenneth Robinson?  This guy who lived in an abandoned house in Texas for almost three years nearly got his own house for only $16 worth of filing fees.  But even if the law has so many loopholes, he did not escape the consequences of his actions.
There is a law, which deals with such case.  Kenneth who spent his time reading law books knew everything about Adverse Possession.  According to WIKIPEDIA, Adverse possession is a process by which premises can change ownership.  A good example of adverse possession is the squatter’s right.  In the case of Kenneth Robinson, he is called the disseisor or the one who dispossesses the true owner of the property. 
Although he was considered as a local celebrity, the community of this suburb in Dallas didn’t want him there.  The community was not pleased with what he did –taking the house without even paying.  One resident of that suburb community attended the hearing and when he learned about the judge’s ruling, he said that they would hold a party for the said victory.
Although his neighbors despised him, he actually invited television cameras for a tour of the house.  He even sold an e-book, which empowers squatters to follow his example.  He even hung a “No Trespassing sign” and moved in with his furniture.  Good thing he didn’t renovate the house just yet.  Should he decide to renovate the house and use some high quality diamond tools such as the diamond core bit and a diamond blade, it would have been more than just a $16 home for him.  Kenneth Robinson almost got away with the house but he cannot be above any law.
Although he was able to encourage others to follow him with this adverse possession style, his dream of having the house ended last February 13.  The Bank Of America is taking possession of the house after foreclosing it and has asked Kenneth to vacate it or wait till he gets evicted.  He moved out early Monday morning following the judge’s ruling.
He was neither a lawyer nor a student of the law but somehow he almost got away with owning a $300,000 house by just paying $16 for filing fees.  He said in an interview that this was a huge learning experience for him and stated that he doesn’t want o be an example to others.  No one is above the law.

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