One would think that creating circle cuts with a tile saw is difficult but in fact, it’s relatively simple Tile saws are used to cut through tiles, ceramics, and marble. Water is needed to keep a tile saw’s blade cool and this should be factored in when cutting tiles using a tile saw. Tile saws can help save time, money, and aggravation. If you don’t own one yet, you can easily rent one over the weekend for short-term tile-cutting project.

Making outside circle cuts is moderately difficult but with patience, can be easily accomplished. Let us walk you through it:


1. Use a permanent marker to mark the tile to be cut with the tile saw. The marker should not fade with the water from the saw and it should be dark and visible enough through the water once you start cutting with the tile saw.
2. Mark several smaller straight line cuts first to make the tile saw blade cut closer to the mark on the tile. This is to remove large portions of the tile, making it easier to cut an outside circle with a tile saw. Not doing so may cause the tile to break, potentially ruining the whole tile. Continue to cut until you inch closer to the circle mark but do not cut at the line yet until the edges have been removed.
3. Adjust and move the tile closer to the tile saw to begin cutting the circle. Start with a straight edge and slowly move the tile and feed it to the tile saw using the mark as a guide. Continue until the circle tile forms.

Inside circle cuts, on the other hand, can be an extremely challenging task. But with a tile saw, this can be easily accomplished. With a tile saw, you can easily cut through tile material, such as sinks and toilets without worrying about breaking the tiles. Here’s how you can do it easily:

1. As with cutting outside circles, draw a circle on the tile you want to cut.
2. At a 90-degree angle, hold the tile closer to the tile saw and cut small straight lines until you reach the edge of the circle’s marker. Leave the water running as this helps keep your tile saw’s blade cool.
3. Continue doing so until the circle is completely cut. Snap off any remaining “teeth” that protrudes from the tile but don’t worry if you still see some rough edges.
4. Smooth the rough edges by going back and forth with the tile saw. You can either start from the right or from the left to smooth it down the inside circle line.

As with any project, remember to wear safety equipment. Using safety goggles will greatly increase your safety, as chips may fly off and hit your eye. is an online supplier of diamond blades, drill bits, diamond core bit, and tile saws. Gila Tools also carries safety products for the head, eyes, ears, nose, and hands.

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