Green concrete is typically concrete that hasn’t gone through the curing process. Concrete is perhaps the most widely used building material, but the production of which has negative effects on the environment.

Green concrete simply answers to the call of creating a building material that has a reduced impact on Mother Nature.


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It uses available materials. One of the things that make green concrete environment-friendly is the fact that it uses available local and recycled materials, things that could have otherwise gone straight to landfills. Green concrete isn’t composed of a hundred percent Portland cement mixture. Instead, it utilizes fly ash, which is a kind of industrial waste that is ever abundant.

It reduces energy consumption.During production, green concrete uses less energy than standard concrete. The fact thatless Portland cement and more of ash is used, then less energy is utilized. This is because the materials used to make Portland cement have higher amounts of natural gas.

It reduces carbon footprint.The ingredients of Portland cement are heated using natural gas; hence, carbon dioxide is emitted,a process responsible for up to 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. This is another effect of not having to use too much Portland cement.

It is more durable and lasts longer than standard concrete. As opposed to concrete made solely from Portland cement, green concrete is quick to gain strength and enjoys reduced shrinkage.It is highly capable of withstanding varying temperatures, and even has a better chance of enduring fire. It is also more resistant to corrosion, so when used in the construction of a building, it only means much improved service life. Cutting it isn’t much of a problem; all you need is a good diamond blade.

Green concrete is part of a revolution that aims to make construction materials that have a decreased negative effect on the environment. Fortunately, there is no end to experts working on creating materials that would help preserve the environment.








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