Circular saw blades are manufactured with specific jobs in mind. It is important to use the right circular saw blade for a certain project to ensure safety in the workplace while also extending the life of the blade. Using the wrong circular blade will not only mess up a project, but it can damage the blade and the hand that operates it. To ensure that you are choosing the right circular saw blade for the job, here are some helpful tips:

1. The first step to correctly using the right circular saw blade is to know that each blade is named after the job it performs or material it cuts. For example, a masonry saw can cut brick while a flooring blade is used for flooring and rough lumber. The name alone should help you decide the right blade to use, depending on the project.

2. The more teeth a saw blade has, the cleaner cut it produces. Carbide-tipped blades are more expensive because they stay sharper than most materials. Saw blades with carbide tips might hold an edge twenty times longer than those with steel tips. Though more expensive, carbide-tipped saw blades require less frequent sharpening while giving the smoothest cuts.

3. A ripping blade is ideal for long cuts with grain. It should not be used with plywood. Plywood and regular wood can be cut with a crosscut blade. For general-purpose woodwork, opt for a combination blade because the large teeth leave a rough cut and the blade can also be used for cross-cutting or with-the-grain rips.

4. For smooth miter and crosscuts, choose a hollow-ground planer. A hollow-ground plywood blade is also available for plywood-cutting and paneling without splintering.

5. For aluminum, brass, copper, lead, and solid plastics, a circular saw blade that is non-ferrous should be used. Of course the blade should be able to cut through metal and plastic, too.

Remember, a saw blade should cut the material it is intended for. Never use a saw blade to cut a material it is not designed to cut through. When operating power tools, it is important to ensure the safety of the operator in the workplace. Wear the proper safety gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, and most importantly, work gloves.

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