To the uninitiated, getting a variety of estimates for your tile installation can be very confusing. Why are these tile contractors giving you different estimates for the exact same job?

As much as it is important to seek second opinion to confirm a medical condition, so you should feel the need to get different estimates before settling on a tile contractor. But the parallelism ends there because while your doctor may even recommend another doctor, a tile contractor will never suggest another tile contractor for a different perspective regarding the job. Remember, these people are haggling for your business.

When looking for the most reasonable estimate, don’t just compare prices. As with anything, the lowest price isn’t always a good choice. By the same token, a high price doesn’t always translate to good work. Try to learn about the background of each contractor you contact. If you hire someone who isn’t very keen on the small details, problems may arise in the future, which means additional expenses for you. Tile installation is a manual process so the contractors base their estimate on how long it will take to finish the task.

To make sure you are hiring the best and not overpaying, it is good to be armed with a little knowledge on the different installation methods. Not only will you be able to know what to expect, the tile contractors are also gonna notice that you are not about to give in to empty sales talk.


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Use of Mortar and Wire

Among all the methods, this is easily the priciest because it takes longer to complete. This guarantees a level installation that is solid, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Use of Mortarboard

This saves on both time and money because it skips the sub-process of wire reinforcement, along with the hardening time of the wet mortar. One problem with it is that it doesn’t go well with horizontal surfaces and may pose problems even on vertical surfaces.

Use of Glue

Again there are fewer steps involved so this method is less pricey. But because glue will fail in time, this is not a very popular choice.

Tile installation is a long process. News flash, people: there is no substantial shortcut to it. You may want to study the whole process for a more detailed understanding. Learn about all the right tools and accessories like the type of diamond blade that will be used, and everything from designing to sealing. Better yet, watch out for future articles on this page.


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