Chainsaws varies depending on the project or job requirement.  Some are used for cutting trees and woods and some are use for concrete cutting.  While others use a chainsaw for cutting a rebar and a few use it as a prop for a movie.  If you are a freelance person and you cut for a living, knowing the basics of chainsaw maintenance is of high importance.  This will not only lengthen the lifespan of your saw but it will earn you more money.  If you’re chainsaw is always on tiptop shape, you will not lose clients.  You will always be ready to say yes to opportunities.
By the way, a chainsaw is made up of a diamond chain, which allows you to cut even the hardest concrete and still provide you with deep, straight cuts and square corners with ease of use and reliable output just like how a high quality diamond blade would perform.
Going back to maintaining your chainsaw, it will not be easy but if your follow this simple guide, you will be on your way to having your chainsaw work for you on a longer time.  Here are basic maintenance guides to make sure that you get an excellent performance out of your money’s worth:
1.     Gas Mix – Reading the manual that comes with your chainsaw is always the first thing that you should do.  Usually older models would have a ratio of 32 is to 1 gas ratio mix; however the newer models would usually have a 50 is to 1 ratio mix.  But most saws would require 40 is to 1 gas ratio mix.  That is why checking with your supplier’s guide is your first priority after opening the box.
2.     Bar Oil – Using the recommended bar oil for your automatic oiler is a must.  A replacement oiler will cost somewhere like buying a new saw.  It lubricates the joints of the chain and helps lessen friction between the chain guides and the groove in the guide bar.
3.     Sharpening the Chain – Pushing hard or extra on the concrete or on the wood would eventually harm your chainsaw.  Cutting should happen in between the sharpened teeth of the saw.  Pushing extra on the surface that you are cutting will burn up the motor and your chainsaw bar.  Sharpen the teeth so you would get the maximum performance of your chainsaw.
4.     Blow Up – blow up your spark plugs and chainsaw ignition system at least once a week or every after a very big project.
If you want your chainsaw to last longer, maintaining it will lengthen its lifespan.  Make your investment worth by doing this regularly.  Maintaining it will not only lengthen your chainsaw’s life but it will also improve your productivity.  

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